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night time fragrance

Night time fragrance and choosing one is such a personal thing. Fragrance has the ability to bring you back to a particular moment in time, boost confidence and make you feel like the delicious person you are. For me, a night time fragrance is deeper, more sensual and warmer than a perfume I would choose for day wear. It is the type of scent that invites a partner to move closer and conjures images for gentle neck kisses while slow dancing. As a result, I feel they both deserve discussion posts of their own. Here, I want to share my personal favourites and how you can find the perfect one for you.

choosing a night time fragrance

Five Tips Choosing Your Night Time Fragrance …..

Match your fragrance to your personality:

  • Sparkling, energetic personality will enjoy light floral notes, citrus, aromatic herbs and woody scents.
  • A Feminine personality will appreciate scents of talcum, peony, iris and sandalwood.
  • Earthy people will surround themselves with notes of moss, green grass, open fire and tea.
  • Extroverted and fire personas will enjoy oriental notes, woody fragrances and the scent of tuberose.
tips for choosing a night time fragrance

Know your notes. Top notes are the immediate experience of your fragrance. Once the scent settles the heart notes will emerge followed by the base notes which are deeper and really enhance your night time fragrance.

Test the fragrance on your skin. Ever wonder why a perfume can smell completely different on someone else? It is because it varies with skin type and a scent can transform on contact with your skin.

tips on choosing a night time fragrance

Spritz your night time fragrance on the right places. Spray it where you would like to be kissed and on pulse points such as elbows, wrist or behind the ears. Pulse points are typically warmer which your perfume will react to and help it last longer.

Know your audience. Keep heavier, stronger fragrances for events where you will be in a crowded place. Wear a more delicate version for intimate dinners with your person.

byredo, stories, le labo, armani prive, ysl fragrances

My personal go to night time fragrances include:

Le Labo: The Noir 29 : An earthy fragrance with a fresh fruitiness. Extremely sensual and inviting, providing both depth and freshness. It reminds me of drinking wine on a warm muggy night, sitting outside with a loved one thanks to notes of bergamot, fig, bay, cedar, vetiver, musk and black tea.

le labo the noir 29 review

Byredo Gypsy Water: A warm and sensual fragrance that invites whoever you choose to come closer. It is unique and I assure you will not have anything similar in your collection. Top notes of bergamot, juniper, lemon and pepper give way to incense, orris and pine at the heart. Base notes of Amber, sandalwood and vanilla bring it all together.

byredo gypsy water review

Stories No 2 is an extremely unique scent that evokes the feeling of romantic woodland walks, carefree evenings with a woody experience that gives way to beautiful freshness. Top notes of rose, ginger, cardamon and green tea move to heart notes of honey, tobacco and cedarwood before tonka bean and patchouli give the finishing touches.

stories no 2 night time fragrance

Armani Prive Orangerie Venise is a fragrance I have repurchased. It is luxurious citrus freshness with a sexy woody dry down thanks to bergamot, buchu, blackpepper, bitter orange tree, neroli, cedar wood, moss and ambroxon.

armani prive orangerie venise review night time fragrance

Ysl Libre blurs the masculine thanks to top notes of lavender with feminine curtesy of tangerine and jasmine. The result is a stunningly floral fragrance that is uplifted by citrus and gives a quiet confidence. Topnotes include Tangerine, neroli, lavender while this beauty has jasmine and orange blossom at the heart. White musk and vanilla enhance it’s inviting qualities.

Replica By The Fireplace is based on the sensory experience of a day’s skiing in the french. After which you return to warmth in front of an open fire. It is a masculine fragrance but makes me feel like I should be laying with my head on his chest, limbs entwined in front of the flame. Top notes of clove oil, pink pepper and orange flower begin the experience before heart notes of chesnut, gaiic wood oil andbase notes of vanilla and cashmeran.

What’s your favourite fragrance?

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