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Eye Cream Suggestions are the most popular requests I get. Our eyes are the first to show signs of aging, tiredness and stress. I recently posted a really quick under eye routine to my Instagram Reels and I was inundated with questions. So I hope I can answer those here!

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Under the eyes is a sensitive area and requires different care to the rest of your face. The skin is thinner and so delicate. On top of that, this area has less oil glands and collagen which results in drooping, sagging, lines and wrinkles. Hello crow’s feet!! Once you commit to treating this area differently and find the right eye cream for you, you should start to see some improvements. The most common concerns I get asked about include: Dark Circles, Puffiness, Dehydration and Wrinkles. Let’s look at each one!

Dark Circles and Eye Cream Recommendations

Dark circles can be attributed to lack of sleep but we can also blame genetics. The most likely reason is hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure and smoking, dilated veins on the lower eyelid thanks to allergies or nasal congestion and fat loss which causes a sunken look. Dietary and health improvements will help along with an eye cream that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C can help build collagen and help with pigmentation. You can ready a post all about Vitamin C HERE. Some salon therapies that help include tear trough filler and microneedling. Please do your research here though and go with recommendations from friends or trusted sources.

Some of my favourite vitamin c eye cream :

Puffy Under Eyes

Waking up with puffy under eyes means that fluid has accumulated while you have slept. On top of that as we age, fat that once supported the eye can migrate to the lower eye lid creating that puffy look. Treating the under eye with a cold sculpting tool can encourage fluid to drain through our magical lymph system. Adopting a jade rolling or Gua Sha routine can really help here. I love to use Ice Globes and you can see my routine in a video HERE. Reducing dietary salt and drinking enough water can help with fluid retention in general. Under eye patches designed to reduce puffiness are a god send for a quick fix. How we apply our eye cream is also super important. One of the first things I learned as an aesthetic nurse was how to treat the under eye. No dragging or roughly rubbing in creams. Lightly tapping a small amount of product in with your ring finger, starting from inner to outer corner is the way to do it.

My favourite eye cream and tools for depuffing:

Dehydration and Eye Cream ‘s that help

The area under eyes is so thin that signs of dehydration can appear more pronounced. We’ve already mentioned we also have reduced oil and sweat glands in this area. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine which are know to dehydrate and increase our water intake will make such a difference. Also include plenty of sources of healthy fats like salmon, nuts and avocado in your diet. I rely on two eye cream ‘s to hydrate my under eyes and they never fail me. I also love my Patchology patches to give an extra boost on pamper days.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles? There is an eye cream for that ….

Fine lines are nothing to be afraid of. A normal part of aging thanks to loss of collagen. I like to look at them as a reminder of all the I laughed or smiled. My happy lines! Prevention is the best way to avoid fine lines by abstaining from smoking and sun exposure. Keep you skin hydrated through diet and water consumption also is key. Botox and fillers are perfectly acceptable ways of treating those crows feet but if you aren’t there yet, it might be time to introduce an eye cream with retinol. Retinol is derived from Vitamin A and known to help with cell turn over and collagen production. Retinol is converted to tretinoin and with regular use can leave you with a smoother more even toned skin. If you find you react to retinol then try to buffer it with hyaluronic acid or b12 serum. Some of my most reliable products that help with antiaging or contain retinol are below:

So, I hope you found this helpful in your quest to an improved under eye and found an eye cream that might help you along. All of these products I have personally used and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. You can ask me anything over on my Instagram page HERE.

Louise xx


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