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eye colour magic collection charlotte tilbury review

The Eye Colour Magic Collection is new from Charlotte Tilbury and about to hit shelves. I know what you are thinking.. Another palette release? The same thoughts crossed my mind too. Does the world need yet another palette release? Probably not. However. Yes, however, Charlotte has done this release with a twist. Each item in the collection is designed to compliment an eye colour. Now we all have palettes where we use 2 to 3 shades and ignore the rest. In my opinion, these help cut back on waste as you literally have four shades to compliment your eye colour. So that is why I chose to share, swatch and tell you all about the new Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Collection.

What Is In The Eye Colour Magic Collection?

You are presented with a choice of four Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palettes and four matching matte and metallic Eye Colour Magic Eyeliner Duos. Charlotte says “This is your EYE COLOUR WARDROBE! I have Colour Curated these so that when you wear your Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palette with your matching matte and metallic Liner Duo, you create eye colour synergy and MAKE YOUR EYES MAGIC! The eyeshadows maximise your eye colour sparkle for a choice of CONTRAST or HARMONY and the eyeliners add depth, shape and a shift in perception to ILLUMINATE and AMPLIFY your eye colour!”  

Dial Up Your Blue with COPPER CHARGE

eye colour magic collection copper charge charlotte tilbury

Intended for blue eyes like mine, Copper Charge is a mix of shimmering champagne, metallic rose copper, matte russet brown and a warm gold shimmer. The liner has a warm brown on one side and a metallic copper on the other.

eye colour magic collection copper charge

Make Brown Eyes Sparkle With Super Blue

eye colour magic collection charlotte tilbury super blue

For brown eyes you have the Super Blue Luxury Palette to help bring out the amber reflects. A stunning mix of champagne, antique gold, deep navy and a bright blue shimmer while the eyeliner duo offers a matte blue paired with an electric blue (anyone else singing Benny and the Jets???)

Make Hazel Eyes Look Gold with Green Lights

Previously known as The Rebel this palette is a stunning mix of soft khaki tones. The palette offers four shades of cool gold, golden olive, deep khaki and gold shimmer. The liner duo is a matte khaki and metallic green gold.

Enhance Green Eyes With Mesmerising Maroon

I adore deep maroon shades with green eyes. My eyes are blue but have flecks of green in them so these shades are right up my street. You get a champagne pink, metallic amethyst, matte plum and a mauve shimmer. The liner is a delicious duo of deep plum and amethyst.

What’s The Verdict?

Look, am I the best person to give an unbiased review? Probably not as Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands and Charlotte my kind of royalty. That being said, I know what I like and I know what I am happy to spend my very hard earned nurses wages on. I really like this release. The liners in particular are excellent. Creamy, smooth and easy to blend. The palettes have the usual easy to work with Tilbury formula.

eye colour magic collection charlotte tilbury review

While the palettes are designed to pair with an eye colour, I say don’t limit yourself. Personally I love a bit of colour and while my heart was immediately drawn to the Copper Charge palette (shock!!!), i think Super Blue is just spectacular. So follow your heart when choosing. If you want a simple, wearable palette that is easy to use then these are your babies. You can purchase HERE on the 12th of March. I will post tutorials with these in the coming days over on my Instagram so make sure you are following me HERE.

Louise xx

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