Skingredients – A Balanced Diet For Your Skin?

skingredients jennifer rock the skin nerd skincare beauty skin review

Skingredients is a brand new skin care range from the skin queen herself, Jennifer Rock. Let me start by saying that I followed Jen for a long time before I started blogging myself. I loved how passionate Jen was about skin and skin health. Skin is a particular interest of mine here in my little blogging world so when I saw Jennifer had released Skingredients, I needed to try it all! So, let’s run through the Skingredients products I have tried and my thoughts.

skingredients jennifer rock the skin nerd skincare review irish beauty blog

Idea Behind Skingredients

Skingredients was developed by Jen after consulting with 10,000 clients through the Nerd Network, gaining a real understanding of what people want from their skincare. The range was formulated for all skin types and is customisable for your skins needs. Four core products take care of your skin all of the time while three products targeting different needs at different times. So you mix and match to what you need. Cool eh?

Four Core: PreProbiotic Cleanser (25 euro), Skin Veg (42 euro), Skin Protein (42 euro) and Skin Shield (42 euro).

Mix and Match: A-Ha Cleanse (25 euro), Sally Cleanse (25 euro) and Skin Good Fats (42 euro).

skingredients jennifer rock the skin nerd skincare review irish beauty blog

Skingredients Packaging

The packaging is designed to be user friendly and I think it is so so clever. Jen will tell you a story of talking with clients and asking what cream they used. The client would say ”The blue one” or ”the red one” and so came the concept behind the colour story. Bright primary colours catch the eye without looking cheap. Each product is numbered so you know exactly which order to use each one. Lets get on with the review…

skingredients jennifer rock the skin nerd skincare review irish beauty blog

My Skingredients Diet

I am 38 years old with skin that is dry, embellished with fine lines and open pores. These products were gifted to me and based on my skins needs. For the purpose of this review I haven’t tried the Sally Cleanse or the AHA cleanse. So, first up was:

The PreProbiotic Cleanser

Described as Hydrating and nourishing with prebiotic-probiotic complex and PHA to restore skin’s flora. I’m fussy with cleansers. My dry skin gets so tight and dry if a cleanser is too harsh. I used this as my second cleanse (i.e. after an oil/balm cleanse first). This left my skin smooth, plump with no tightness. I used it on my very sensitive eyes and found it didn’t sting. At 25 euro it is 10 euro cheaper than my usual second cleanser so it is firmly going on my repurchase list.

skingredients jennifer rock the skin nerd skincare review irish beauty blog

The Skin Veg (Pre Serum + Penetrant Enhancer)

This was the product that I was most excited to try. Said to your skin’s 10+-a-day plus a hydrator. Now, I was a little apprehensive as I don’t currently use a pre-serum in my already extensive skin care routine and thought ‘Do I really need that extra step?’. Turns out it eliminated a step for me. My skin felt suitably hydrated so I didn’t need my usual hydrating serum. Just this, my vitamin C and daily moisturizer. Winning!

The Skin Protein (Vitamin A + C Serum)

Ok so it is no secret that retinol or retinol containing products (except for my eye cream) don’t get on. I hate that flakey effect that invades my skin when I use it. When I saw Skingredients had a Vitamin A product, I thought it would be the one that I would skip. But in the interest of giving a balanced review, I decided to try it. I have been using it every night for two weeks now and there hasn’t been a flake in sight. I think this will be a great product for you if you are looking for an introduction to more active skincare but are nervous or have sensitive or sensitized skin. It isn’t suitable for pregnant women but ideal for everyone else.

The Skin Shield – Broad Spectrum Light Protection

A broad spectrum physical SPF 50 to shield skin from UVA rays, UVB rays, Infrared and HEV light. Most importantly it is non-comedogenic so it won’t block your pores. The product has a flattering peachy tint and dries down to a satin finish which makes it beautiful under make up. In fact it disappear really quickly into my skin and I did not feel greasy or oily and once dry I couldn’t feel it. I am an SPF freak so I’m delighted with this new find.

Skin Good Fats- Ceremide Barrier Balm

I introduced this in place of my usual night cream. Usually I go for a hydrating overnight mask as I like something thicker to sing my skin to sleep. The Skin Good Fats has a lighter texture than what I am used to but my skin didn’t feel like it was missing out.If your skin is dry like mine, this absorbs really quickly with no greasy feeling. Personally, I like a bit of a greasy look before bed time so I continued to use my face oil. Now it is a beautiful product and a joy to massage in. It feels soothing and reparative. I actually started using it as a day cream and it is beautiful under the SPF and subsequent make up that I apply.

My Final Verdict?

I say bravo to Jen on the release of Skingredients. It isn’t easy to get it right with a new skincare brand and knowing that all eyes would be upon her on its release, Jen was incredibly brave. That is what I admire about her the most. All she has accomplished and the drive, time, energy and sacrifices it takes to get there. All done in a very subtle way. I think that there was definitely a gap in the market for products like these. You can either go for really really active, salon exclusive products, really really harsh on shelf products or really really pricey luxury brand products. Skingredients fills the gap between all of those and gives us, the consumer, a well thought out, researched and uncomplicated skin care option that is user friendly. I love that Jennifer isn’t pushing for you to buy the whole range. Pick which products fits with your routine best. I for one will repurchase the cleanser, Skin Veg and Skin Shield and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.

Louise x


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