St Tropez Tan – You Set The Tone + Top Tanning Tips

st tropez tan you set the tone self tanning tips

st tropez tan you set the tone

St Tropez Tan is one of the most well known self tanning products in the world. As a beauty blogger there is no better feeling than the joy of collaborating with a brand you have loved and used for years. That is why in today’s post, I am delighted to share with you all things tanning as part of St Tropez’s You Set The Tone Campaign. A brand with a wardrobe of award-winning products and a body positive ethos means that St Tropez Tan is a self-tanning brand that caters for everyone.

My Tanning History before St Tropez Tan..

I have been self-tanning since my teens. That is over twenty years of experience with self -tanning disasters and wins. When you find the products that give you those wins, you tend not to stray too far away. That is why St Tropez Tan is brand that I include in my routine. It has never let me down. The very first tan I used was a dark liquid that we had to apply with cotton rounds. Tanning mitts didn’t exist back then. You had to pour the tan on the cotton and swipe it over your body. Orange hands were part of the joy. As was the dark orange body we proudly flounced around town with on a Saturday night!! Don’t worry, it wasn’t St Tropez Tan! Thankfully self-tanning has come a long way since then and my orange days are over.

st tropez tan you set the tone

Why I Use St Tropez Tan…

I am fair and freckly and I never tan my skin in the sun. As a nurse who has worked with Dermatologists removing melanomas, I take my skin health very seriously. However, I love to look tan. I instantly feel slimmer and more toned. I feel healthy and glowing. In short, self-tan makes me feel like I can conquer any situation. I have been quite honest about my struggle with body confidence and when asked for tips to improve confidence, the first thing I recommend is to apply self-tan!! My cellulite appears smoother, my ‘mummy tummy’ more toned and my teeth look whiter. What’s not to love??

st tropez tan you set the tone

St Tropez Tan and You Set The Tone

St Tropez Tan are on a mission want to debunk the myth that self-tanning means one shade fits all. It couldn’t be further from the truth! There is a product to give a light golden glow right down to a deep dark bronze. You set the tone!! I have been using the Classic Self-Tan Mousse to achieve my golden glow as well as the Purity Bronzing Water Mist. I love the fine mist that makes application really easy. I feel I can go without heavy foundation as my skin is more even and glowing. It doesn’t clog pores either so no more breakouts! The Classic Mousse is so easy to apply. It is tinted so you can see where you are applying it, the formula dries quickly and the scent is not overpowering like some other tans I have tried. To get the perfect, even tan my top tips include:

  • 24 hours before you tan, use whatever hair removal method you choose and allow skin to settle. This will avoid bumps especially on the legs
  • Ensure you have removed old tan using a product like the St Tropez Self Tan remover to give a clean even base. This also acts as a primer by smoothing the skin for ease of application
  • Moisturise feet, elbows and knees the night before
  • On areas of dry skin or eczema, use an oil free moisturiser just before tanning to avoid tan clinging
  • If applying tan after a bath or shower wait until skin has cooled. This will allow body temperature to reset and pores to close
  • Work in sweeping downward motions on the legs using the St Tropez mitt, leaving knees and feet until last. These are areas where you need to apply the least product.
  • My secret weapon when tanning hands is to apply as normal with mitt. Then massage in a hand cream afterwards. Perfect, even hands every time!
  • I like to leave my tan on overnight to get maximum colour development so leave yours for at least 8 hours
  • Moisturise daily to prolong tan and promote even wear time
  • Don’t forget to enjoy! You are tanned, glowing and confident!

You can try it for yourself and get 25% off when you shop HERE. I would love to hear your thoughts under my latest Instagram post.

Louise x


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