Brows and Lashes – Lancome Brow Densify and Hypnose Mascara

brows lancome hypnose mascara

lancome brows brow densify hypnose mascara

Brows and Lashes change the appearance of your whole face. If I was stranded on a desert Island I would have to have a brow product and mascara. The end. I have been putting the new Brow Densify and Hypnose Mascara from Lancome to the test over the last few weeks. I am so impressed that I wanted to do a blog post on them. As a bonus there is a tutorial on how I use them over on my Instagram HERE. Lancome have launched three new products for brows. The Brow Densify Powder to Cream, Brow Define Pencil and Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil. Here is a little bit about each one and what I use them for.

Redraw Brows With Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil

brows lancome

This has a unique formula in that its a powdery pencil that gives you a softly defined brow. I begin by outlining and filling in the outer part of brow. It gives me a good base in getting the shape I want. It also has a spoolie so you can brush the product through for a really natural finish. I find this lasts really well through out the day. It comes in ten shades so there is a colour for everyone. It costs 27 euro HERE.

lancome brows

Sculpted Brows With Brow Define Pencil

lancome brows

I love this pencil for filling in the inner part of my brows. It has a fine nib so you can get really natural hair strokes. That is so important for a natural looking brow. No one wants a brow that looks like it has been drawn on with a sharpie!!! Again, the pencil comes with a spoolie end for brushing through the brows and eliminating the need for separate brushes! It comes in 14 shades and I like to have two colours to add texture and shade. They cost 27 euro HERE.

Brow Densify Powder To Cream for Fuller Brows

Now this is my favourite of the three products. It is so easy to apply and does not budge all day long. The wand appears to have a powder on it but the formula turns to cream as you apply it. I think it is a great alternative if you want the pigment of a brow pomade but find them difficult to use. I use this through the the arch and down to the outer part to add fullness and further define my brows. I have been using it daily since I got it and if you could only buy one of the three brow products, I would suggest this one. It costs 27 euro HERE.

Hypnose Mascara for Defined Lashes

Many of us are already familiar with Hypnose Mascara from Lancome. It is an iconic product and one of the first high end mascara’s I ever purchased. Containing B5, Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax and Acacia Gum it protects and reinforces the lashes while adding length and volume. What makes it new is the redesigned packaging which is sleek and streamlined. I love this mascara. I find it gets to every lash and is extremely buildable. It also holds a curl and doesn’t flake. You can try it for yourself HERE.

So now why not head over to Instagram and see them in action! What is your favourite mascara?

Louise x

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