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tk maxx outdoor dining

tk maxx

TK Maxx is close to my heart. It has long been a treasure trove of possibilities for me. The store has been my go to for kidswear, menswear, kitchen utensils and everything in between for a few years now. When we decided we needed to revamp our outdoor living space, TK Maxx was where we headed. I always find the value unbeatable as all items are up to 60% less than RRP. I am of course thrilled that the brand decided they would like to work with me on this project.

What We Started With…

tk maxx outdoor dining

Last year we created an outdoor patio area. Aside from putting tables and chairs there, we added little else. I have always wanted to add some colour there. By creating a comfortable space where we could sit and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, I decided I could also add some colour and texture.

tk maxx outdoor dining

We had a basic canvas of white walls and pale blue fencing so I wrote a list of items I wanted to find. I then set off to my local store to hunt! There were lots of amazing pieces in store so we struck gold. I immediately put my items into a basket. The good stuff is snapped up quickly so it doesn’t stick around for long. I knew I had to buy or say goodbye!

What I Found In TK Maxx

Among the items I returned home with were: cushions, plates, bowls, lanterns, candles, mini drinking bottles, fairy lights and outdoor plants. Everything I needed to create that oasis of relaxation in my neglected outdoor space. They all have really fun, bright colours and scream summer in the sunshine to me.

tk maxx


As the sun tracks around my house, I wanted to buy some items that I could bring into the front garden in the afternoon sun. While my husband is at work and Finn is outside playing with friends, I can sit and relax while keeping an ear out for any young boy trouble. For this I bought a rug to lay on, large cushions for comfort and a tray to bring some snacks outside. I love sitting here reading a book, and I get to parent AND have some ‘me’ time all at once!

As I mentioned previously, TK Maxx is the home of ridiculous possibilities. I went in for outdoor living accessories and I also left with two dresses and a pair of designer sunglasses. The price was too good to leave them behind!! The quality is so, so good, I was delighted with my little finds! I explained to my husband that I was practically saving money!

I hope you like the way our outdoor living area has come together. We love to enjoy it as a family. It adds another element to our house and maximises our living space. I have the below tips for any of you considering revamping your outdoor living space. From small balconies and sunny patios to picnics in the park, TK Maxx has you covered.

Number 1 : Pick the area you want as your main living space. You might have a large garden but want to create an intimate area to sit and enjoy meals, play games etc. Choose a spot that gets good sunlight for the majority of the day. You might want to pick a space away from the children’s goal posts and , trampolines etc or a space that is close to your kitchen if you plan to use it for dining.

Number 2: Decide on a budget. Have a think about how you’d like to spend your where you want to spend that budget. Are there areas you can save on? Are there items you wish to invest a little more on?. You might want to splurge on your table and seating set. Furnishings for your garden can be saved on, especially when you shop in TK Maxx.

Number 3: Once you decide on a space, a budget and you have your basics installed, you can look at furnishing your space. I began with cushions,. I think they are the easiest way to add colour, texture and comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and sizes!. When the sun is shining, you can be bold with your colours.

tk maxx


Number 4: Lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere. Use fairy lights strung across walls, railings, fencing or windows. TK Maxx has really fun lights in store from flamingos to bell jars. Lanterns not only look pretty but also act as a lighting source. You can hang them up high or stagger them on tables. This creates different height levels and interesting table lay outs. Candles are a must. Especially citronella as it helps keep pesky insects away!

tk maxx

Number 5: When choosing plates and bowls, look for items that are melamine to prevent breakages but are also easily washable. I love to add a second splash of colour here. Mixing and matching patterns, colours or prints adds another summery element to your outdoor space. I double up and use these as picnic wear to travel with.

Number 6: Create a calm oasis using outdoor plants. I keep herbs on my windowsill, t. They are decorative yet functional. TK Maxx has a large selection of plants and planters on offer. I used several different types of plants to create greenery. Pops of colours added here and there with flowers will also brighten up a space. Chose plants of different heights, leaf types and widths.

tk maxx

Number 7: If you don’t have a patio area you can make use of a garden, large or small. Rugs, cushions and s, cooler bags make your outdoor living transportable. You can still sit in the sun and enjoy stylish comfort. My local TK Maxx had a huge selection of cooler bags, picnic baskets and tubs available in store. Make use of them on those sunny days and pack a picnic!

tk maxx

Number 8: Once your space is decorated, use it! Dining outside is so casual and relaxed. It is especially great for kids, with no TV or tablets. Just your family sitting around the table. It is more likely to be a pick and mix type meal and I bet your fussy eaters will eat far more than when they are sitting inside at the table!

You can see my full haul over on Instagram HERE.

This post was written in Collaboration with TK Maxx and payment was received in exchange for content.

Louise x


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