Great Lengths Extensions – Frequently Asked Questions

great lengths extensions kopper hair new hair revolution

Great Lengths Extensions have changed my life. Literally!! I got my first set in 2016 and I can not live without them ever since. My hair is blonde, fine and difficult to grow. When it does grow, it comes down in a lovely little V shape. I always dreamed of that Cheryl Cole, Victoria Secret swishy hair. Always seemed impossible untill I discovered Great Lengths Extensions.

great lengths extensions kopper hair new hair revolution

I always get mine applied in Kopper Hair Salon, Cork. As a background I take really good care of my hair. I follow New Hair Revolution and I only use the best shampoo, conditioner and styling products. My hair has never been healthier and I have never been happier. Anyway, back to the extensions. Great Lengths Ireland have kindly sponsored this set for me. I gladly accepted as after three previous sets, I can not go back to thin hair!! These are the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram (follow me here).

Great Lengths Extensions – How Much Do They Cost?

The price genuinely varies. It depends on how much hair you need and the length you want to go for. For example my first two sets were 125 bonds of 40cm length. This is considerably more expensive than my third set of Great Lengths Extensions which were 50 bonds of 30cm length. I just wanted fullness to my own natural hair. That is all you might need. So, before you write it off as too much money, go for a consultation.

What Happens Next?

Once your consultation is complete and you decide to go ahead, you will be colour matched. Your hair is then ordered and you make an appointment to have them put in! It is that easy. You will have to pay 50% of the total cost on ordering but I think it is a good way to spread the cost.

How are Great Lengths Extensions Applied?

First your hair is washed with a pre-extension shampoo to get rid of any oil or dirt. Then your hair is dried and your therapist gets to work. Each bond is applied to your hair using Keratin Bonds. The heat is only applied to the bond and never your own hair to ensure there is no damage. I got 125 bonds applied in under three hours and the time goes really quickly! My hair was then cut, styled and I was good to go!

Will Great Lengths Extensions Damage My Hair?

If your extensions are applied correctly and by an experienced therapist, there will be no damage to your own hair. It is most important that you find a salon like Kopper Hair to apply your extensions for you. If you get a bad set, its the salon not the hair causing the problem. These are 5 star extensions. The best you can get. The bond is made of keratin which is naturally found in your hair! After my first two sets were applied and removed we discovered my hair was healthier than ever. Therefor I only needed 50 bonds for my third set. The only reason I went back to having a full head again was because I wanted longer hair again.

great lengths extensions kopper hair new hair revolution

Is It Difficult To Look After Great Lengths Extensions?

It could not be easier. You wash and dry your hair as normal. You do need to take caution as to what shampoo you use and use a special brush. This is no hardship or inconvenience. I find that my style now lasts for days and I have to wash my hair far less. For me, my hair has become easier to manage. That is why I now can not be without them. Some of my followers had concern around the extensions matting. If you look after them, wear them in a loose plait or bun in bed and brush them properly, they will not matte. As your hair gets longer and the bonds grow out, you might need to spend a few minutes separating them after washing. Again, this is no inconvenience.


These have changed my life. I feel more confident, can style my hair more easily and wear my hair in different styles. I promise, once you have them, you will never regret it. I have done a video on my Youtube Channel all about my favourite hair care products if you would like to see how I look after my hair. Keep an eye on my Instagram as I update it daily on whats new in hair, beauty and fashion. Let me now if you have any questions!

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