Wet N Wild Pro Brush Line – Affordable Cruelty Free

wet n wild pro brush line

wet n wild pro brush line

The Wet N Wild Pro Brush Line has been an eagerly awaited release over the last few months. I watched American Youtubers review them and it was love at first sight. We could not wait for them to hit Irish shores! I was lucky to receive the entire Wet N Wild Pro Brush Line in PR last week. Immediately setting about testing them out so I could report back to you all. Lots of you wanted to know more about the brushes so here you go.

wet n wild pro brush line

Wet N Wild Pro Brush Line – The Collection

wet n wild pro brush line

There eight brushes in total. Each one cruelty free and vegan. You can buy four face brushes and four brushes for the eyes. The packaging is super sleek pink gold with long sleek handles. They are comfortable to hold thanks to the little groove for your thumb too! The hairs on the brushes are synthetic which mimic the consistency of natural hairs. These brushes are soooo soft. Below are the brushes available.

The highlighting brush is a huge standout here. I mean the other brushes are beautiful but that highlighting brush? Incredible. Picks up just the right amount of product and buffs it in effortlessly. It has replaced my previous highlight utensil. It’s also only 5.95 euro!!!

Again, really beautiful brushes. Soft and blend the product in effortlessly. The Powder Brush and Blush Brush are the standouts for me here. This powder brush is incredible and applying product and setting my base. The blush brush makes light work of applying colour to the cheeks. The retail for 7.95 euro each.

wet n wild pro brush line

Wet N Wild Pro Brush Line – The Verdict

I adore these brushes. From the design, to the price to the quality. Wet N Wild continue to come out with high quality product with an affordable price tag. Any brand that makes beauty accessible to everyone gets a huge vote of support from me. If I could only buy three? The highlight, Powder and Blush brush win for me. However, with the price tag you should be able to stretch to a few more! As always, follow me on Instagram HERE to keep up with all the news and new products as I find them.

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