TK Maxx – Affordable Functional Kidswear

TK Maxx – Affordable Functional Kidswear

TK Maxx is a store that I shop in quite regularly for Finn. I love that I can get great quality clothing for him that is stylish, practical and affordable. Last year I bought items for both his summer and winter wardrobes that are still in perfect condition. When TK Maxx got in touch with us, I jumped at the chance to work with them. They challenged me to update Finn’s outdoor spring wardrobe for under €50. Today I am going to share with you some of the items I picked up in store, some of my top tips when shopping for your child’s wardrobe and some great outdoor activities you can do with them this spring.

tk maxx kidswear

Before I went to store, I looked through Finn’s existing wardrobe to see what he already had. Finn likes comfort above everything else so I knew the fabrics had to be soft. I also knew he had to be able to run, jump and kick a soccer ball.

tk maxx kidswear

We have had so much rain, snow and generally unfriendly weather over the last few weeks that we have played it safe indoors. We were eager to get outside and play some soccer. Luckily for us there is a park nearby where we can go. With the weather being so unpredictable lately, I knew I had to be prepared for all eventualities when it came to the clothing I chose. Along with the new finds from TK Maxx, I also brought along a lightweight rain coat that I purchased last season in TK Maxx.

TK Maxx – What I Chose

tk maxx kidswear

The bright blue colour of the sweatshirt is what grabbed me first. Perfect for spring and it matches a lot of his clothing already. Then I wanted pieces I could layer up. You know when kids start playing, they heat up so quickly! I chose the long sleeved grey top as I adored the pattern and it wasn’t too heavy. The tracksuit bottoms were stylish too and gave him lots of movement for playing. All of these items are easily washable so he can get as dirty as he likes.


I also needed a pair of light weight shoes for him to play in. I couldn’t believe the quality of these blue runners for the price. Finn refuses to take them off since we bought them and I saved so much on these. They have thick soles with a great grip for running in muddy grass or even when on the football pitch. Finally, I chose a woollen hat that he can wear as it is still quite cold in Ireland. The wool is non-itchy too. That is Finn’s only clothing test. Anything itchy is discarded immediately.

When he finished his penalty shootout we wandered around the park to explore a little. Off Finn went exploring through the muddy grass in his new shoes. At first, he looked at me as if to say, ‘Will she mind if I get these dirty?’, and was delighted to be told he had free reign. He practiced his tackles in the grass and even just lay there in between activities. And when he got too hot in the sweatshirt we were able to remove another layer and enjoy drinking some water on a park bench. Layering is key!

The outdoor wardrobe I chose for Finn gets a huge thumbs up from both of us. I’m definitely going to be back to store to add more key pieces to his spring wardrobe over the coming weeks. The quality of the clothing for the price you pay is hard to beat. Before you go shopping here are some of my top tips when shopping for your child’s wardrobe and some fun activities to do with them this spring.

Top Tips When Shopping For Your Child’s Wardrobe

My first tip is an obvious one but the most important one. When you are about to go shopping for anything in a child’s wardrobe, clear out their current clothing selection. Go through each item and decide what you should keep and what needs replacing.

This is an old Irish Mammy trick but consider buying a size ahead. If your child is 6 months out from their 9th birthday, then consider buying aged 9 clothing for them. Things like trousers often come with adjustable waists so you can alter it as they grow. Legs and sleeves can be turned up. To get true value from an item of clothing is to get lots of wear from it. Yes, the price is affordable but it can get expensive quickly if they only wear it once or grow out of it in a month.

For an outdoor wardrobe, seek out clothing you can layer. Rather than one heavy rain coat, look for several layers that can be removed as your child warms up during play. Who is familiar with the phrases ‘Mom I’m sweating’ or ‘Mom I’m cold’ Be one step ahead of your little darlings by removing or adding a layer of clothing. Remember you will be outdoors, you may not be able to nip back to the car or run home to change. Be prepared!

Next thing I look for is clothing that I can wash at home. There is no point in buying an item of clothing that is hand wash only or that you can’t throw in the machine without worrying. These clothes are meant for playing, getting wet and getting dirty. You want to be able to wash and dry them as quickly as possible.

I look for a few key items that I can build on for a basic outdoor wardrobe. A waterproof coat is a must. I go for a light raincoat with a hood in a basic colour that will go with anything. These are easily folded into a backpack and do not take up much space. Building on this I look for a few long sleeved base layers, t-shirts to layer on top, a hoody and trousers or tracksuit pants that allow unrestricted movement. Remember denim becomes heavy and cold when wet. Go for breathable fabrics to give the child a sense of freedom when playing.

Outdoor Activities For Them To Do In Their New Gear

Woodland Walks
Ireland has so many wooded areas that are easily accessible and free of charge to enter. Why not head off with the kids to explore the one that’s closest to you. We like the ones that have a looped walk. Stop at the map at the entrance to the woods to let the kids plot your route and discover the way out. Many of the walks are colour coded which is a great way to build up their confidence and let them practice their reading and colours along the way.
Beach Fun
Beaches are always somewhere the kids are guaranteed to find endless hours of fun. When it is too cold to swim we love to wear our rainy-day gear and paddle on the shoreline, build sand castles, collect seashells or even skim stones along the waves. With the right clothing, beach time is not limited to sunny days and the kids will love the novelty of it.

Garden Games
You don’t always have to travel, simply get out into the garden after the rain for some unlimited fun. While the ground is still wet, encourage the children to explore – you can even search for ladybirds and caterpillars to make the adventure all the more exciting! Use a magnifying glass to see what little creatures you uncover.

Marshy Meadows
You may live near fields or marshland. One of our favourite activities as children was to find a large pond with frog spawn. We would visit every week or so and watch them turn into tadpoles and then into frogs.


Many cities now have large parks that are geared towards kids. Know that local playground that is busy on sunny days? Why not take them there on a wet day. With the proper clothing kids can play on wet slides and swings without the fear of ruining their clothes. Jump in puddles, get mucky. Let them be kids!

The most important thing to remember is to allow your kids to wear these clothes. Let them get them dirty and wet and to be able to run, tumble, climb and splash as kids do. It’s not about the perfect Instagram photo in perfect clothing. It’s about creating memories with your child. Encouraging them to run and play and jump. A wardrobe for a childhood.

Louise x

**** This was a paid partnership with TK Maxx and I received payment for this collaboration ***

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