Brush Crush Brushes From Real Techniques

berry crush brushes real techniques

Brush Crush is the new range of brushes from Real Techniques. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes. I have all of them. All of them! I had no idea about makeup or how to apply it untill I found Sam and Nic on Youtube. Follow them @Pixiwoo. Anyway, I have been using this brand of brushes for years and get so excited when they release new designs. Did you read my post on the last release? It’s here.

berry crush real techniques

These brushes are beautiful. You know when brushes look pretty or have fun handles but they don’t perform that well? No such worry here. The Brush Crush brushes are great. Super soft, easy to work with and had my base looking flawless real fast. You can see me use them in my latest Youtube video here. I am going to go through each brush for you here.

Brush Crush – 300 Powder Brush

brush crush real techniques powder brsuh

This is a generous sized powder brush that is so so soft. This applied my pressed powder and loose powder beautifully. It didn’t drag or irritate my skin, blending the product in beautifully. Even though it is on the larger side it powder beneath my eyes well too. You can buy it here.

Brush Crush – 301 Foundation Brush

brush crush real techniques foundation brush

This is a large, dense foundation brush. Almost like a cross between a buffing and stippling brush. It blends foundation beautifully and quickly. The brush seems to be sold out online in most pharmacies so I don’t have a link right now but I have seen it in store. Grab it while you can!

Brush Crush 302 – Blush Brush

brush crush real techniques blush brush

Now this has become one of my favourite blush brushes. It applies my blusher just where I want it and blends it into the skin without moving the foundation underneath. It costs 15.99 euro HERE.

Brush Crush 303 – Contour Brush

brush crush 303 real techniques contour brush

Now this one surprised me. I don’t usually like these shaped brushes but I have tried this with both powder and cream contour. It makes application so easy. It is softer than most brushes in this category and now I reach for it regularly! You can buy it HERE.

Brush Crush 304 – Fan Brush

brush crush 304 real techniques fan brush

A beautiful fan brush for precise application of highlighter. Perfect for the bridge or tip of nose and upper lip. Again, it costs 15.99 HERE.

Brush Crush The Verdict

I have to say that these are another set of brushes by Real Techniques that I can’t fault. The powder and the blush brush are unlike other brushes in my collection. I would recommend to a friend and I will probably buy them for my sister. You can always tell how much I love a product when I buy it for my sister!

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