Urban Decay Drop Shot + Sprays – Get A Flawless Base

urban decay drop shot flawless base rebound spray all nighter setting spray

Urban Decay Drop Shot is just one of the products I have been using lately to achieve a flawless base. That, paired with their new sprays help me achieve that glowing skin I have been searching for. Urban Decay are releasing so many new products right now and in my opinion, there are some good ones. I have been using three products to perfect my make up base and they really work. Urban Decay Drop Shot, Rebound Spray and the new Allnighter Anti Pollution Setting Spray. I’m going to go through each one of them now.

urban decay drop shot mix in oil allnighter rebound spray

Urban Decay Rebound Spray

Rebound is a collagen infused prep and priming spray. I have used and loved the Quick Fix spray in the past so I was excited to discover a new Priming Spray. I have dry skin with ageing concerns so when I see ‘Collagen Infused’ I want you to take my money. Immediately. A radiance boosting spray that helps skin ‘Rebound’ or bounce back. It soothes, smooths and boosts radiance. I absolutely agree with this. The formula smells really good and contains botanical extracts of Chia Seed, Centella and Chameleon plant. It was non sticky and my skin was instantly refreshed.

urban decay drop shot rebound collagen infused priming spray

Urban Decay Drop Shot Mix In Oil

Now here in lies the magic. This little bottle of oil is a wonder product. This allows my foundation to glide on effortlessly. My skin is left looking dewy, radiant and smooth. I find I have a lot less creasing around my fine lines and let me say again. Application is effortless. You just need to add one drop to whatever foundation you are using. Not a whole dropper full. Just a drop. A little goes a long way here. It has even been suggested you can use this on the skin under night cream for an extra boost.

urban decay drop shot mix in oil

Containing skin boosting antioxidants, Jojoba, sunflower, macadamia, pomegranate, sunflower and olive seeds oils, it conditions the skin. It gives slip without any greasiness. Like I said I have dry skin but I feel that all skin types will benefit from this. The Urban Decay Drop Shot is a must have product for me right now. PS.. It smells really good.

urban decay drop shot mix in oil

Urban Decay Allnighter Anti Pollution Setting Spray

Now, once you have applied your perfect base, you want it to last right? The Urban Decay Allnighter Setting Spray has long been a beauty bloggers holy grail. I certainly find my make up does not budge when I use it. It is a product I have repurchased time and time again. Now its gotten an update! We have an Allnighter Spray with Pollution Protect!! The claims are this formula helps to prevent your foundation from oxidizing due to pollution. This spray is infused with minerals that shield against environmental damage. It also contains a patented temperature control technology that lowers the temperature of your makeup to make it last longer. Cool eh?? I love this stuff.

The Verdict

If you are struggling to get that perfect base you have always wanted then I would suggest you give these a go. Especially the Urban Decay Drop Shot. Did I mention it was a game changer??? You can purchase them online here and on sale untill March 4th!!:

Drop Shot 31 euro

All Nighter Pollution Protect 33 euro

Rebound Spray 33 euro

You can also read my last Urban Decay review here.

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