CND Chic Shock Spring Collection

cnd chic shock collection vinylux nail polish manicure pedicure

cnd chic shock collection vinylux manicure pedicure

CND Chic Shock Collection has Spring written all over it. As I have said before, as a nurse I can’t have a two week manicure. My consolation prize is being able to wear nail polish on my days off. Luckily CND offer the same colours in Shellac 14 day nail colour and Vinylux 7 day polish. Even better again? You can apply Vinylux and remove it at home or in salon. No one needs to miss out!

cnd chic shock collection vinylux manicure pedicure

When the CND Chic Shock collection landed in the door, the sight of Spring colours made me happy! It has been so dark and cold lately that I am craving longer evenings and sunshine! There are four bold pastel shades. Inspired by Korean K-Pop Culture trend, you get sugary pinks and lilac. They are named sweetly with Candied, Taffy, Jellied and Gummi. I have three shades here to show you.

CND Chic Shock Candied

cnd vinylux chic shock collection

Candied is a beautiful Pastel Pink and the first shade that caught my eye. No surprise and I love pink!! I found this applied like a dream. The most beautiful shade of pink. I can see myself wearing this a lot over the next few months.

CND Chic Shock Taffy

cnd chic shock collection

Taffy is a fun pastel blue/green. This colour will be stunning with a tan (fake) during the summer. A great shade for your Easter nails? Really festive!!

CND Chic Shock Gummi

cnd chic shock collection vinylux manicure pedicure

Isn’t this lavender shade good enough to eat? It is really pretty on short square nails like mine. I am also wearing it on my toes!

CND Chic Shock The Verdict

When I see pastel polishes I love the colours. More often than not when I try them at home they disappoint me. They are either too chalky or don’t apply evenly. The CND Chic Shock collection does none of those things. They apply beautifully smooth. Two coats is all you need for perfect pigmented colour. Follow me on Instagram so you can see how I wear these in the coming months here.

cnd chic shock

You can read my top tips for a DIY manicure here or the CND Glacial Illusion Collection here.

Available in all salons offering CND services nationwide.

Louise x


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