Total Temptation Mascara from Maybelline New York

total temptation mascara eyebrow maybelline new york

maybelline total temptation mascara

Total Temptation is a new range from Maybelline New York. The collection has a palette, an eyebrow definer and a mascara. I have always loved Maybelline mascaras, in particular the Baby Doll one. So, when I saw they had released a new Total Temptation Mascara I was eager to try it out. Lucky for me, it arrived in the door last week in PR accompanied by the Total Temptation Brow Definer.

maybelline total temptation mascara

Now, I am a gal that struggles with both her eyelashes and her eyebrows. I’m really fair naturally and years of over plucking have left my eyebrows with gaps. I religiously wore eyelash extensions for four years so I am currrently trying to grow my natural lashes back to some sort of glory! The main requirement I need from a lash product is volume. Lots of volume. In a brow product I need it to disguise the the gaps, disguise the blonde hairs and not look too obvious while doing so. Asking for too much?

Total Temptation Mascara

maybelline total temptation mascara

First of all, the packaging on this mascara is really lovely. The pink and black design looks really sleek. And the flat side on the wand? Genius. It makes it really easy to grasp during application. Second of all, the wand has bristles. Real bristles. THE WAND HAS REAL BRISTLES!!! So many mascaras now have rubber applicators but I personally prefer a wand with bristles. I find it much easier to build up the lashes that I want.

maybelline total temptation mascara

The formula is mousse like and infused with coconut. It layered beautifully without clumping and gave me exactly what I wanted. Length as well as lots of volume. I have worn this during all of my 12 hour shifts since receiving and it has not flaked or smudged. It does not say it is waterproof nor have I tried it as such but you might need an oil based eye makeup remover to cleanse it off completely. I use one anyway so it made no difference to me.

Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer

maybelline total temptation brow definier mascara

Now I usually favour a brow pomade or a precision pencil but this Total Temptation eyebrow definer was so easy to use. I could apply it exactly where I needed to. Like I said, I have really fair brow hairs so I need coverage as well as definition. With this I got both.

The formula glided through my eyebrows and blended out really easily. It didn’t cake and applied evenly. My shade was dark brown and it gave me the exact amount of definition I wanted. It lasted really well throughout the day untill I removed it myself. Bonus points for it coming with a spooly and for being mechanical. I hate sharpening pencils!

Total Temptation The Verdict

I enjoyed both of these products and would 100% repurchase them or recommend to a friend. Really pleasantly suprised with these new releases from Maybelline New York. They are available in most Pharmacies Nationwide right now. Be sure to follow my Instagram so you can keep up to date with all of the new products I am trying and when new blog posts are uploaded.

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