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Smooth Sugars Scrubs are the new additions to the L’oreal Paris family. An exfoliating sugar scrub for smooth skin and gentle enough for the lips. L’oreal tell us that sugar granules provide a natural and gentle means to remove dead skin cells for a smoother face. They have selected three sugars to use: white sugar, blonde sugar and brown sugar. There are three varieties of Smooth Sugars Scrubs depending on your skins needs. I have tested out all three and I enjoyed each one.

Smooth Sugars Scrubs – Glow Scrub

smooth sugars scrubs l'oreal

This little pot is for those of you looking for glowing skin. The three sugars are mixed with Monoi Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Acai Powder. The texture of this is paste like with lots of sugar granules. It smells sweet and delicious. Immediately after using my skin felt smooth and looked glowing. I had flakey skin around my nose and this removed it while being gentle.

Smooth Sugars Scrubs – Clear Scrub

smooth sugars scrubs l'oreal paris

Now this scrub looked good enough to eat. A green, gel like scrub that self-heats to help clear your clogged pores. Kiwi seeds are added to the sugars to smooth your skin and get rid of impurities. It also contains Peppermint and Lemongrass Essential oils. I loved this one. It smelt fresh and left my skin looking clearer. I am usually weary of self heating face products but this was very comfortable.

Smooth Sugars Scrubs – Nourish Scrub

smooth sugars scrubs l'oreal paris

If you have rough, dry skin then this is the one for you. Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Grains make this scrub smell good enough to eat. If stored in a cold room it has a firm texture (thanks to the cocoa butter and coconut oil) but once warmed between your fingers it turns velvety. This glided over my skin. Rough spots on my chin and forehead vanished! My skin felt smooth and hydrated afterwards. This one was probably my favourite.

The Verdict

I love these scrubs. I am always very wary of what I put on my face and usually advocate an enzyme or acid method of exfoliation. Using these, I found you didn’t have to scrub too hard to see results. Therefor I feel they are not as damaging as some other face scrubs I have tried. Do not go and vigorously scrub your skin with ANY scrub! With these you really don’t need to. I also loved using these on my lips and on my hands! Like an at home manicure, my hands felt so soft!!

You can buy them for 11.99 euro each here.

Louise x


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