Heavy Metals Palette By Urban Decay- Swatches + First Impressions

heavy metals palette urban decay

heavy metals palette urban decay

The Heavy Metals Palette by Urban Decay came through the door this week and I could not wait to get stuck in!! I first saw this on the Urban Decay Twitter feed. It is striking to look at! I was immediately grabbed by the variety of shades. Plus this palette is all shimmers! A whole palette of Urban Decay shimmers? Yes please. I know some might feel that you need some matte shades in a palette but I don’t think every palette does. Sometimes you just need one that is glitter heaven.

Heavy Metals Palette Packaging

heavy metals palette urban decay

This palette is sleek! Beautiful purple mirrored case. Out of which slides a large flat tray of shadows. You get twenty shades in this baby. Ten shadows each side of a high quality mirror. One side holds more nude shadow shades. The other side displays ten bright, bold colours.

heavy metals palette urban decay

Heavy Metal Palette Shades

For this Limited Edition Heavy Metals Palette, Urban Decay have given us twenty new shades. Not only that but they have developed a whole new formula. In doing so they claim to have given us the most metallic effect shadows yet! How did it fair? Let me tell you now, this palette lives up to the claims and more. The shadows are soft, buttery and metallic. They swatch like an absolute dream.

heavy metals palette urban decay

The neutral side contains shadows more suitable for every day wear. Golds, Bronze, Champagne and Cranberry. With names like Maiden, Afterparty, Glory and Starfire, it was love at first sight.

heavy metals palette urban decay

The bright side has a stunning array of blues, purples, pink and black. I had heard from other Bloggers that that side would rarely be used but I beg to differ. Yes the shades are bright but very wearable. Especially coming into the Christmas party season. Spandex, Punk Rock, Mullet and Amp are amazing.

Heavy Metals Palette Verdict

I am in love with this palette. From the shade selection to the new formula. I can’t pick a fault. Maybe just that it isn’t easy to use the mirror as it lies flat with the palette. However I don’t think this is the only palette you would travel with so that isn’t really a huge problem. I used this last night on my eyes and lots of followers on Instagram messaged to ask what I was wearing. Follow me here. I will be using this a lot in the coming weeks so keep an eye on my Instagram for the looks I create with it.

I will be buying this for my Sister for Christmas! Are you tempted to buy? It is 49 euro here.

Louise x


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