Rediscovering Isadora – New Products!

isadora make up

Isadora is a brand that launched in 1983. Since then it has provided premium quality make up at affordable prices. They have long been known for their bronzer and my personal favourite sculpting palette. I was invited to Dublin recently to attend the Rediscover Isadora event and I was not disappointed. So many new products added to the collection and I could not wait to play! Armed with my new products, I sat down in the beauty room to see what the fuss was about. Tonight I am going to take you through four of the products I tried.

Isadora Stretch Lash Mascara

isadora stretch lash mascara

I am starting with this as it was the product I was most excited about. When I saw the Stretch Lash Mascara demonstrated, I squeeled! I had never seen anything like it. The brush was adjustable. THE. BRUSH. IS. ADJUSTABLE. Has that sunk in yet? You literally just twist the top of the wand and the brush goes from long to short. A true custom mascara experience. The wand when long gave length and separation to my lashes. Then I shortened it to give extra volume where I needed. I loved the formula too. Nice dark black and not too watery or clumpy. You can buy here.

Isadora Cover Up Foundation

isadora make up cover up foundation

Let me tell you about this foundation. It is high coverage. Like flawless, easy to blend high coverage. I had been trialling the YSL All Hours foundation all last week and this is practically the same. If not a slight bit more highly covering. I applied it with a brush and then blended it out using a damp sponge. My skin looked flawless. Every imperfection was covered up! I love my Double Wear but this does just as good a job. Try it for yourself here.

Isadora Draping Wheel

Draping is where you contour your cheeks using blush and highlight. With this palette you can do just that. Four beautiful blush colours and a highlight. When I swatched these for the blog photo’s, I immediately went to Instagram Stories to show them. They are beautiful. They apply nicely to the skin and there is a shade to suit everyone. The highlight is stunning. It gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks without leaving stripes of white. You can purchase here.


Isadora Liquid Lip Cream

isadora make up liquid lip cream

I immediately loved the colour of this liquid lip cream. My shade is ‘loving red’. It applies to the lips easily and it feels nice and nourishing. I can’t say this dried down matte on me as other liquid lipsticks but that is a good thing in my opinion. I do not own a non matte liquid red! My only advice is to give your teeth a quick once over after you apply as it did transfer on me. I am however going to try out some other colours soon. I really liked this formula and I think the nude would be a great everyday option. You can buy online here.

isadora liquid lip colour

The Verdict

I am very impressed with these products so far. I will of course try them out more over the coming weeks. You can follow me on Instagram to see how I get on. I personally would recommend to a friend.

Louise x



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