CND Glacial Illusion – Winter 2017

cnd glacial illusion winter collection

cnd glacial illusion winter 2017

Today we are going to run through the CND Glacial Illusion collection. One of the first things I do as a nurse when I have time off is paint my nails. Most of my colleagues will tell you the same. We can’t have acrylic or shellac at work. As a result it is not something I have done often. I still want that professional manicure look and the choice of colours though. The happy compromise is CND Vinylux polish. Same range of colours as Shellac. Lovely hard, high gloss finish and it can be removed with nail polish remover at home. Winning!

CND Glacial Illusion Colour Selection


There are six delicate shades in this collection. Each shade is designer inspired. The CND Glacial Illusion collection pulls inspiration from the crystal body suits seen at the Gucci shows and space age metallic at Christopher Kane and Mulger. These shades are quite simply put, delicious. Ranging from an icy white to deep navy blue. There is a shade for everyone.

CND Glacial Illusion – Winter Nights

cnd glacial illusion winter nights

This is a most beautiful cool toned navy blue. If you are shy around dark nail polish then this will be the one for you. So wearable!

CND Glacial Illusion – Mystic Slate

cnd vinylux glacial illusion mystic slate

This is a great alternative to a nude nail. It is slightly grey, slightly green and I think it is absolutely stunning.

CND Glacial Illusion – Alpine Plum

cnd vinylux glacial illusion alpine plum

The softest, cool toned, shimmery mauve. I adore this as an accent nail or all over for a special occasion. I think this would be a stunning Bridal or Bridesmaid nail colour for a winter wedding.

CND Glacial Illusion – Cashmere Wrap

cnd glacial illusion winter collection

I have saved the best untill last. My colour. The one I put on my nails the second it landed in the door. I think I have found my perfect nude. Not too white, not too brown, not too pink. Just right! The goldilocks of nail colours if you will.

The Weekly Top Coat

To seal in the beautiful colours in this collection you must use the weekly top coat. I always have one of these to hand. It is one of the best top coats I have tried and I use it over every nail polish I apply to my nails. To get the most out of your nail colour, apply a nail oil to your cuticles followed by a hand cream every time you wash your hands and just before bed. You can ready my post on DIY Shellac removal and Manicure here.

This collection will be available in CND salons nationwide and you can find out more on I have previously bought online for 12 euro from Beauty Couture here.

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