Cruelty Free DIY Facial With The Body Shop

Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

Cruelty Free beauty products is something I get asked about regularly on my snapchat It shows that people are realizing the responsibility we have in maintaining a healthy planet for the next generation. The Body Shop is long known as a brand with a conscience. Founded in 1976 by the iconic Anita Roddick, the brand sought to make people feel good, using natural ingredients. They are also famous for being against animal testing. So now! Here I am going to describe my Cruelty Free DIY Facial.

Before we begin. Let me just show my age by sharing with you that I would not leave the house without first drowning myself in Dewberry body spray and my collection of their bath oil balls was insane. Do they still do those little balls filled with oil? Anyway!! Moving on!

Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

A Cruelty Free Cleanse

I used the new Chinese Gingseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Powder Wash to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. This product is as it says, a powder. However when you mix it with water it becomes an exfoliation treatment. What I love about this is that you can customize the strength of exfoliation by adding a little water or a lot. How amazing is that? I have been having a few minor skin issues of late so I used a little water for a good clean. My skin felt sooooooooo smooth afterwards without feeling irritated. This is a very welcome addition to my skin routine.

Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

Next up I applied the Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask. This has grains inside and the idea is you exfoliate your skin first, then let the mask sit for 15 minutes. I had already exfoliated so I just let the mask sit. At first there was a slight tingle but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then my skin adapted and I enjoyed a comfortable mask untill it was time to rinse.

Cruelty Free Skin Toning


Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

There are two new skin toning options from The Body Shop. Both are Cruelty Free and both are gorgeous! The British Rose is a gel toner that plumps and hydrates with real rose petals. The Chinese Gingseng and Rice option is The Body Shops first brightening toner. This is the one that I chose to use and my skin loved it. Night duty, shift work, air conditioning and life in general can leave my skin dull. This was a great addition to my facial.

The Verdict

My skin really thanked me for this little at home treat. I finished by using the Drops of Youth Emulsion and dabbed some Tea Tree Overnight Mask on problem blemishes. The result was silky smooth, baby soft skin that glowed. I woke the next morning to find my blemishes had reduced and my skin tone was more even. I will definitely be continuing this routine once a week to give my skin a guilt free boost!

Cruelty Free DIY Facial The Body Shop

Keep an eye on stores as these beauties come in! Don’t forget you can check them out online at What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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