Clarins Double Serum : Innovation in Skincare

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins’ Double Serum is exactly what the name implies. Two serums in one bottle. It was first formulated in 1985. Since then the brand has ensured Double Serum would grow along with technology and improve. 2017 sees the Double Serum story continue with a new 8th generation edition. I was lucky enough to attend the press conference so I could learn first hand the science behind the reformulation. I am a skin junkie so I loved this. Something we don’t get to see very often! I was also given a bottle to try and so far I have been loving it. More on that later!

clarins double serum

What Is Double Serum

This product was born when Clarins wanted to put every skin improving ingredient into one product. Most thought it was impossible as many of the ingredients could not survive together in one bottle. Some were oil based, some water. You get where I am going with this!! The solution was to put them into two separate vials. Inside one bottle. They would then blend together on application. Genius no??

clarins double serum

How Was Double Serum Improved

There are pages of scientific based information available to read on the new Double Serum formula. I could go into it now but I know you all would rather I condensed it down into HOW it benefits you. They have basically made an already amazing serum even better. By making it even more active. They have developed a skin listening formula by using Tumerone to enhance communication between cells. Clinical trials have shown that the anti ageing properties of Double Serum work. It can help to improve wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, hydrate and reduce visible pores.

Did you know that Double Serum has 18 high performing plant extracts? Avocado, Oat, Banana, Cocoa Tree, Beautyberry, Teasel, Thistle, Tumeric, Edelweiss, Ginger Lilly, Goji Berry, Huang Qi, Red Jania, Leaf of Life, Kiwi, Mango Tree, Horse Chesnut, Myrothamnus, Orthosiphon, Quinoa, and Samphire.


The New Packaging

Double Serum has a new ‘intelligent’ double vial bottle. Described as a technological gem, the new bottle has a new shape with added touches of luxurious gold. The new bottle houses interlocking vials which delivers the perfect ratio of water based and oil based ingredients. This optimally treats the skin. The bottle delivers a made to measure dose of serum. Choose option 1 for normal to dry skin or cold climates  and option 2 for combination skin or hot climates. Finally a product that will take you from season to season. I love this as my skin type can change depending on hormones and situation. I want a product that will work with me.

clarins double serum

Using Double Serum

From the first application of Double Serum my skin felt hydrated and glowing. It did not feel greasy, just smooth and soft. I have been applying this serum at night time, before my night cream and already notice a difference in my skin. My skin feels softer and my make up is applying that bit nicer. I will continue to use the serum and after intervals of 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks update this post.


Have you tried Double Serum before? Are there any other Clarins products I need to try? Let me know! You can purchase this HERE and it is currently 10% off! (affiliate link- will not cost you anyhing extra but I may make a small commission.)


Louise x

clarins double serum


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