Tayto Park: Fun For All The Family

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Tayto Park is situated in Meath, Ireland. It is a theme park dedicated to that old irish favourite, Tayto! Now, before we went I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was home to Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster and Tayto crisps and that was about it! We had been invited to visit around Easter time but just got around to it in early July. My little man was beyond excited. We travelled up from Cork. It might seem like a long journey but the road is so good now we did not mind in the slightest! Once we arrived it was well worth it.

The Cu Chulainn

The Cu Chulainn is the largest wooden rollercoaster in Europe. It is Ireland’s first rollercoaster and it opened in 2015. On arrival to the park, you are greeted by the sight of this beauty and the squeals of enjoyment coming from those riding it. We decided that this would be the first thing we did. Mostly due to the fact that we didn’t want to give Finn too much time to change his mind (great parenting)!! What a ride. My heart was in my throat the whole time but I loved it. Finn paled ever so slightly on departure but overall he couldn’t believe he did it! Highly recommend you go on this when you get there.

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Tayto Park: Dinosaurs and Ice Valley

Immediately after Cu Chulainn we brought Finn to see his favourite Dinosaurs. It helped his little heart return to normal pace! This section of the park is every little boys dream. Walking through Ice valley you are greeted by snowflakes and moving mammals. Very lifelike! Finn was in awe. Right next to that you have all of the Dinosaurs. He was in his element as he pointed out the different species. I was very impressed with the attention to detail.

Tayto Park: The Zoo

I do not know where to begin when it comes to the huge variety of animals to see in Tayto Park. From the tigers to the Meerkat, Bush Dogs to Otters, Monkeys, Racoons, Fox, Otters, Lynx, Bison and Leopards. Adults and kids alike will be in awe! I would highly suggest you make your way to see the Tigers at feeding time. Seeing them hunt for their food just like in the wild is amazing! New to the park is a falconry with Owls, Eagles and Vultures. Finn loved it! To top it off there is a petting farm where you can get up close and personal with Pygmy Goats. We loved this. Especially impressed with the attention to hand hygiene on leaving this enclosure.

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The Food

Lots of options for dining from sit down to grab and go. We chose to eat as we went and enjoyed sauages in buns, twisty chips and ice cream as we enjoyed our day. You can grab burgers, chips or pizza if thats what you are after. Don’t miss the sweet shop near the train station. I dare you not to join the children in picking out your favourites!

Fun For All Children

It is not just rollercoasters on offer in Tayto Park. There are attractions for children of all ages. From bungee trampolines (Finn’s Fave) to rock climbing, ziplining, 3D cinema, The Circus, A Sky Walk, Tayto Twister (huge slide), Viking Voyage and more!!! Seriously, there is hours upon hours of entertainment!


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The Verdict

We really enjoyed every second of our day in Tayto Park. It was beautiful there. So scenic and the perfect place to bring all the family for a day of fun and adventure. I would highly recommend you put it on your to do list. In fact, we are returning in a few weeks with cousins so we can enjoy it all over again!! You can find out more about tickets, prices, times and attractions HERE.

Louise x

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