Speedflex And An Interview With Alan Shearer

Speedflex And An Interview With Alan Shearer

On Tuesday the 31st of January I came face to face with the man himself, record holder of most goals scored in The Premier League (260!), Alan Shearer. Not only that. I got to interview him!! Alan was in town as ambassador of Speedflex, a revolutionary workout system introduced to The Kingsley Hotel, Cork and I was invited along to see what it was all about. I had to sit the training session out due to the tendinitis I was suffering from at the time but i’m eager to give it a go now that i’m recovered.

Speedflex is a circuit style HIIT class that is results driven and designed to help people of all abilities reach their goals. The machines set the resistance based on the force used so it’s a truely unique way to train. A great alternative way to the usual gym work. It offers fat loss, improved muscle tone, strength, speed and flexibility. The Speedflex machine was developed in the USA in 2009 by the 13yr Major League Baseball Player and World Series Champion Darren Holmes, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Jim Silliman and Athlete and Mechanical Engineer Joe Worley for the purpose of rehabilitation.

I observed the training session and I was impressed by the variety of exercises and of the intensity. Targeting the whole body using compound movements, you will be working up a sweat in no time! Each participant wore a heart rate monitor to ensure they were working within their target heart rate. Great for that competitive streak we all pretend not to have!

Now let’s talk about that interview! I arrived clutching my phone, camera, notebook, pen and my sons Alan Shearer 100 club Match Attack card. Alas I did not bring a sharpie for him to sign it. Never fear, he sourced one and signed the card as well as writing Finn a note. Mommy points scored? 1 million!

I’ve grown up with soccer. My own father played for Ireland and had a successful local career. I went into that interview knowing exactly who Alan was and feeling a little bit star struck. So much so I forgot to record the interview in anyway. Threw my stuff on the table, shook his hand, offered the Match Attack and gabbled away! I really enjoyed every second and the 10 minutes flew by in a blur. I wish interviewing was now my job. Any offers?


(These aren’t direct quotes from Alan as I didn’t record the interview. I’m paraphrasing to the best of my ability)

1: You hold the record for most goals scored in the Premier League. Was this a natural skill you had or something you had to work on? 

I always had the instinct to score so I would say it was a natural skill, however as soon as I knew I wanted a career in the sport, I work hard on developing it as best as I could.

2: You are known for being a physical player. 56 of your goals scored were done so using your head. Would you say Speedflex would help upcoming soccer stars to develop the same strength? 

Absolutely. Speedflex is a great system for developing the strength and speed needed for playing the game. I only wished it was around when I was beginning.

3: What advice would you give to me as a mother of a soccer mad boy who wants to play? Did you encourage your own children into the sport? 

My father pushed me and encouraged me to work hard when he noticed I had a talent. You have to be prepared to drive them to training and matches, in all weather, on all the weekends. Show him if he commits to playing then you’ll commit to helping him. He must learn that it doesn’t come easy and he must work hard at whatever he does in life. My son played both soccer and rugby. He’s settled on rugby now though as he doesn’t have time for both.

4: How important do you feel sport is for a child? 

Very important. It develops confidence and friendships. Gives a child a sense of purpose and focus. Shows them that you can achieve what you want if you work for it which helps them in future careers. And keeps them out of trouble.. Yes.

5: How important was nutrition for you and how did you fit it into family life? 

I was lucky in that I always had someone to tell what to eat and when I should eat it. Now that i’m retired I still have a respect for nutrition and think it is important. It doesn’t impact on my family life. We enjoy family meals together.

6: As a mother of a fussy eater I am always worried about what he is eating. Have you advice for me? Should I worry about what and when he eats? 

Is he active? Yes. Then don’t worry. If he’s running around and burning calories then let him eat what he enjoys. A balanced varied diet appropriate for a child is fine, including treats. If the child is inactive or gaining weight then a more careful approach is needed but let a kid be a kid. Nutrition will come later as they get older.

7: I’m a nurse in a very busy, physically demanding department. I have a couple of injuries including tendinitis and back problems. Would Speedflex help my recovery? 

Absolutely! It was designed as a rehabilitation machine. I’ve been out injured for months at a time and it’s frustrating. A system like Speedflex will aid recovery as it will allow you to work at your own pace while building strength. It’s great for muscle injuries and helps improve flexibility.

8: Final Question! There must have been times where you’ve had a bad match or felt your motivation waning. What advice would you give us to help us get back in the game? 

Dust yourself down and pick yourself up. Sport is not just physical but mental as well. You equally have to work in keeping your mind focused. Assess your goals, decide how important they are and work to reach them. Only you can do it.

There you have it guys! My day with Speedflex and Alan Shearer in The Kingsley Hotel. I’m definitely up for trying a course of Speedflex. I really liked what I saw!

Louise x


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