New Year Resolutions – Should We Make Them?

New Year Resolutions – Should We Make Them?

New Year Resolutions. I had put a poll on my Instagram Stories and a whopping 73% of voters said they weren’t making any. Usually I don’t make them either but this year I felt it might help me stay focused. It is harder to ignore something if it is there in black and white. I was of the mind set that if I put my goals out there, I would have to face people if I failed. That is the kind of negative thinking that has held me back for years. It’s funny how a simple thought can make or break you. So, regardless of how you feel about New Years Resolutions, I have made mind and will share my journey along the way.

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New Year Resolutions 1 : Stop Smoking

As a nurse and a mother I can barely look at myself in the mirror these days with the guilt and shame I feel about smoking. My son begs me to quit. Mr O Connell has never smoked. When I worked in A+E there was a gang of us who smoked. I reasoned that A- it was social and B- the job was so stressful it made smoking necessary. You would think that the ten years of operating on patients with Head and Neck Cancer would have turned me off. No Sir, not me! I recently started working in a new Oncology Clinic where no one smokes. The patients there are trying to live. Here I am paying money to poison myself. So, out of respect to my son, husband and patients, 2019 is the year I will quit. I have a plan in place and I will share as I go.

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New Year Resolutions 2 : Improve my Physical Health

I used to be really fit. Over two years ago I would go to the gym 5 times a week. I ate well, climbed mountains, cycled the ring of beara and enjoyed exercising. When I changed to shift work I gave it all up. As my mental health declined I comfort ate everyday. I have gained almost 30lbs in that time but this isn’t only about weight loss. It genuinely is out of concern for my physical health. I become breathless and my joints are stiff and achy. Over 14 years ago I developed bulging discs in my neck and keeping active kept the pain and stiffness at bay. As I get older I feel more pains and aches than ever before. I want to get active again just so I can be fit for life. If weight loss comes along with it then that’s great too!

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New Year Resolutions 3 : Work On My Mental Health

Last year I was diagnosed with Depression. It is something I only touch on and never really discussed in detail before but I will do that this year. Research tells me that exercise and diet play a huge part in positive mental health. So hopefully working on resolution 2 will help me. Outside of that I am going to eat well and not drink alcohol for the month of January. I find myself having low dips after a night out. If it is a trigger then I have to be mindful of it. Which brings me onto mindfulness. This is something I am really going to practice this year instead of just talking about it. More time in the present, less time on screen. Time out to reflect on the positive parts of my day.

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New Year Resolution 4 : Stop The Over Critical Thinking

I am hugely over critical of both myself and others. It isn’t that my standards are set really high. These thoughts have more to do with fear and anxiety. I have the ability to run through certain scenes in my head a hundred times thinking about how I could have done better. It spilled over into my Instagram page. So caught up with numbers and likes and who was doing what. I almost gave up. Then I remembered why I started in the first place. This year I will acknowledge that what I am doing is the best I can do. Numbers, likes, self comparison, over analyzing everything and forgetting how far I have some is something I am really going to work on. What will be will be, I’m just going to relax and enjoy the journey.

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New Year Resolutions 5 : Bring My Blog Back to Why I started

When I started my blog my aim was to share my story and possibly help one or two people along the way. I wanted to talk about things I loved like beauty products and clothes. Sharing my thoughts on the products I was using in the hopes it would help you make a better decision about the product you were buying. All of the sponsored collaborations I do, I stand behind 100%. And I am grateful for each and everyone. Never once have I lied. Anyway, along the way my website has fallen away from what I want it to be. Mostly because I lack time organization skills and my health was poor. This year I hope to start sharing those posts I love to write. Reviews, life stories, thoughts and all that good stuff.

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So there you have the five main resolutions I plan on working hard to keep this year. Overall I know they will bring about a positive change in me and my quality of life. I will of course be bringing you with me along the way! I hope to work so much harder in 2019 to not only make myself a better version of me but to also make my family proud.

Louise x


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