Transition Dresses: Summer To Autumn

Transition Dresses: Summer To Autumn

Dresses. Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn. Dresses are a staple for me. I love that I can jazz them up with heels or play them down with boots. Coming into Autumn (I know I know it still ‘summer’), Dresses are a great way to transition your wardrobe. While most of us can’t go on a mad spree, it’s helpful to start looking now. Planning what you will buy can really help you make the right purchases. Each of these dresses I picked for their flexibility. They can be worn during the day, at night, dressed up or dressed down. I’ve also included links to items I feel will make anything in your wardrobe work. Black leather jacket, black ankle boots and a nude pair of heels.

Top 10 Transition Dresses

I adore this Warehouse Tea Dress. It is 56 euro HERE.

How amazing is this Boohoo Midi Dress for under 40 euro? Shop HERE.

This Stevie May piece is an investment but one that will see you through a few seasons. It costs 216 euro HERE.

Asos have a similar dress for 65 euro HERE.

This red Asos Maxi Dress will see you straight through untill Christmas. Dressed up or dressed down, it is well worth the 65 price tag HERE.

I can’t resist a pop of pink! How fab is this Vero Moda number? 52 euro HERE.

Now, in my Zara haul youtube video I showed you a body suit that everyone loved. There is a dress version from Boohoo and its only 27 euro!! Grab it HERE.

This Kiss The Sky dress is one of my favourites and top of my to purchase list!! Priced at 56 euro HERE.

The Colours on this Pretty Little Thing dress scream Autumn. Layer it with leather or a cardigan for comfort. Just 34 euro HERE.

How beautiful is this Mango Tea Dress? So soft and feminine but you can totally edge this out with a pair of studded ankle boots. It is 68 euro HERE.

Three Key Wardrobe Staples

Black Studded Boots HERE

Nude Heels HERE

Black Leather Jacket HERE

Which items are your favourite to transition with? How do you feel about dresses?

Louise x

*** this post contains affiliate links. It will cost you nothing extra at all to purchase these items through the links provided. Nothing at all. I might make a few euro commission for sending you over.




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