Penneys Haul: August Shoes Dresses and Denim

Penneys Haul: August Shoes Dresses and Denim

A Penneys Haul was this weeks youtube video and it is a good one!! I got some really beaultiful shoes, including a bargain pair for just 7 euro! There is a red floral tea dress that you absolutely will need and Denim Coulottes that I can not wait to wear! Most people tell me I should save all the small spending in the likes of Penneys and put it into something designer. With the best of intentions I try. However, trends are constantly changing and you can’t beat Penneys to update your wardrobe on a budget.

Things I always Buy In A Penneys Haul

-Shoes.. Penneys can not be beaten for shoes. Now some are not the most comfortable as you will see in the video. However, for variety of style and price point? You can’t beat them.

-Dresses.. Penneys do the most affordable dresses around. Some I can’t wear due to being blessed in the chest department. Most are flattering. If it is just a passing trend? You won’t feel too hard done by just getting a few wears from it.

The Video

I hope you see some items you might like in this video. Subscribers are always welcome and very mush appreciated. Your support means a lot to me! Don’t forget to follow me on snapchat or on Instagram here. if you want to see how I wear my day to day clothes. You can subscribe to my channel Here.

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