Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette and Pigments By Primark

Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette and Pigments By Primark

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The Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette by Primark or Penney’s is a new release to their ever expanding make up range. The Penney’s make up can be hit or miss. For the most part, there are some gems. This Eye Candy Palette is one of them! I have been playing around with it over the past month and I’m very pleasantly surprised at the quality.

eye candy, penney's, primark, ps, eyeshadow palette

The Packaging

You get nine eyeshadows for a budget friendly six euro. The palette is purple based which you will either love or hate. I kind of liked it as it was a break from my holy grail warm coppers or cranberries! The packaging isn’t amazing but lets remind ourselves of the six euro price tag shall we? At first glance you might dismiss this as a palette only to be used by teenagers or young girls playing with makeup. Mostly because of the sweet themed colours and design. It really isn’t. A make up junkie like myself got use out of this too!

The Swatches

Swatching this Eye Candy left me saying hmmmmm. I was so surprised at the pigmentation. The shimmers swatched like a dream. Ps Eye Candy range also have beautiful loose pigments. The reflex of glitter in these was subtle but striking. I loved them so I bought two. Can you deal with the dark burgundy shade of eyeshadow???

The Application

I created two looks with these products to see how versatile they were. A natural day look and a more smokier eye for night time. The shadows and the pigments applied really easily. They blended nicely and weren’t too far off the swatches for colour pay off.

The Verdict

I was overall very impressed with these considering the price tag. I found they wore well on top of an eyelid primer. You might not get excellent longevity without one. However, I wouldn’t let that put me off. They probably won’t replace my higher end palettes but if you are on a budget, looking for value for money? These are perfect!

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