Nima Make Up Brush Review

Nima Make Up Brush Review

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These Nima Brush beauties came through the door at just the right time. I had been using my fail safe brushes for a while to apply my make up. I am a creature of habit but I had been shopping around for a new brand of brush to try. A fussy girl when it comes to my make up brushes, I need them to be soft and to deliver a good application. I was gifted five Nima Brushes to try and I must say I am extremely impressed. I’ve had the Nima brushes for a few weeks now. I tend not to review a brush untill I’ve used it several times put them through a wash. I can now give these brushes the praise they deserve.

Round Head Kabuki

The Round Kabuki Brush is the best foundation brush I have tried in a while. I know this seems like a big statement but it is true. A recent purchase of a new foundation put this to the test. Initially I hated the coverage and application of the foundation but all that changed when I applied it with this brush. I have used it to apply several foundations of various coverage and the brush made light work of them all!! The brush is very soft and it keeps its shape perfectly. It is 18 euro HERE.

The Emma

The Emma brush is a flat concealer brush. It has the Nima Blue handle and gold metal detail. The bristles are firm but soft and I used this to apply primer to my eyelid. I like to use a full coverage eyeshadow primer and this made patting it onto my lid effortless. It is 12 euro HERE.

The Donna

The Donna Brush from Nima is a blending brush made from goat hair. It is perfect for blending out that crease colour and for blending out a smokey eye. It is firm enough for a nice application of colour but soft enough to allow easy blending. The Mac 217 was always my hero crease brush and now it has a rival. The Donna brush is 13 euro HERE.

The Ollie

The Ollie Brush is a beautiful little smudging brush. I have used it to apply eyeshadow to my lid and to smudge it out on my lower lash line. It is dense, firm and makes application easy. The Ollie is a great little brush for precise application to the outside corners of your eyelid. You can buy it for 12 euro HERE.

The Yvonne

The Yvonne brush is a new addition to the Nima range and a must have if you struggle with eyeliner. It has a fine but firm tip and is curved for ease of use. I have used it to apply gel and liquid liner and it is my current favourite liner brush. Purchase for 13 euro HERE.

Each of these brushes have been washed, dried and used several times. They have kept their shape very well, there has been no shedding and they have been a dream to use. The colour of the brushes make them a beautiful addition to your collection and they will stand out on your dressing table. I plan on adding to my collection and I am so happy to have discovered the brand.

Louise x






  1. June 3, 2017 / 10:25 am

    I have 3 Nima brushes (can’t remember the names!) and I really love them! They wash well, like you say, and apply my shadow really well! I need to try a face brush next! xx

  2. June 29, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    I’ll probably try the Donna brush. My current brushes loose their shape very quickly after washing them a couple times.

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