Bperfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit

Bperfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit

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This is my review of the BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of a brow. A brow snob if you may. Always on the look out for the perfect brow product and adore putting the newbies that I come across to the test. Eyebrow pens or pomades are usually my preferred method of brow enhancement and I was never a fan of powder products. Powder products never gave me enough precision or a sharp enough shape. When this popped through the letter box I was suspicious but I decided to give it a fair shot!

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The BPerfect kit comes with a brow powder pan, three stencils and a double ended brush. The colour I have been testing is Chocolate which according to the website is described as being suited to warm blondes, dark brown and black hair. I would say this is an accurate description. Personally, I found the colour that bit too warm for my coloring but that didn’t put me off. There are four shades available in total, one to suit everyone. The stencils are a great idea for anyone who struggles with filling in their brows and for experimenting with different brow shapes.

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The BPerfect semi permanent brow kit claims to be water resistant, sweat proof, smudge proof and lasts up to 24 hours. I would agree and say it was smudge proof and sweat proof. I can’t say that it lasted 24 hours on me but it gave my 12 hour shift a fair go. It improved after a few hours wear in my opinion in that the warm tones that I found off putting faded and I was left with a really nice colour going through my brows.


The BPerfect Semi Permanent Brow Kit was trialled with a full face of makeup and on a natural/no makeup day. It can make your brows as dramatic or as natural as you want. To be a bit more precise I used a wet brush. To create a natural look use the powder dry. It is a versatile product in this way.



I enjoyed using the brush supplied with the kit to apply the product however, I would have preferred if it had a spooly end instead of a blending brush. It would be a complete product for me then! The kits retail at 29.99 euro and you can purchase HERE. What is your favourite brow product?

Louise x



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