Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

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When you hear Urban Decay are launching a new collection, you get a little bit excited. Then you see that it is with Jean-Michel Basquiat and you know that it is going to be something special. I could not wait to get my hands on a few pieces from it. On the morning of its release I packed off to Urban Decay in Debenhams, Mahon Point to see what they had. The eyeshadow palettes and blush palette was in stock but not the lipsticks. The blush palette and lipsticks were on my wishlist so while I was disappointed about the lippies, I grabbed the blush!!

urban decay, gallery blush palette, udxbasquiat, jean-michel basquiat

Lads, first up can we take a moment for the packaging? A mini reproduction of Basquiat’s work is wrapped around the palette with canvas s that his art work comes to life. The clever people at Urban Decay have placed a hole in the back of the palette so you can hang it on the wall if that is what takes your fancy!! The texture of the packaging is so different to anything I have ever seen before and I love it. It will be so eye catching on any make up desk.

In this Urban Decay Gallery Blush Palette you get two pink toned blush pans, one matte bronzer pan and a stunning gold highlight. I have used the bronzer to contour out my cheek bones and to warm up my entire face. I would recommend using a soft, fluffy contour brush with this colour as it is very pigmented and I found using a denser brush made it hard to blend. Using a fluffier brush and a light hand, it went on like a dream. No orange cheeks which I was worried about. I needn’t have. It suits all skin tones too. I used this on my sister who is more sallow than I and she loved it.

The blush pans are also very pigmented and I loved each colour alone or when mixed together. Avoid the Aunt Sally look by using a light hand as a little goes a very long way. Now for the highlight. My favourite part of the palette. It’s soft, pigmented and buildable giving the most gorgeous glow to your cheeks. Swoon!!

As you can see from my watches the colours are true to life and the whole palette is pigmented. This means I have equal love for all the colours and will use this palette on a regular basis. I wore this to Dublin yesterday and it survived a solid 10 hours of wear with just the highlight needing topping up before we headed out.  It is 31 euro and I bought mine in Debenhams, Mahon Point Shopping Centre. You can buy it online HERE.

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  1. May 18, 2017 / 11:59 am

    This is so pretty and love the packaging concept!

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