Germaine De Capuccini At Castlemartyr Resort

Germaine De Capuccini At Castlemartyr Resort

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Germaine De Capuccini is a skincare brand developed in the south of Spain over 50 years ago. Using natural ingredients and cutting edge technology they have developed some of the most luxurious products and treatments offered in exclusive spas around the world. And what could be more exclusive than the 5 star Castlemartyr Resort? Not much I hear you say! These two power houses coming together is a match made in heaven. Germaine De Capuccini treatments launched in Castlemartyr Resort in January and two weeks ago I was invited down to learn more about the brand as well as experience a treatment for myself. I was not disappointed. The treatments are exclusive to Castlemartyr and not available at any other spa.

First we were treated to cocktails and sweets while we were educated on the techniques used for the massage. There are two massages on offer, the first of which is the World of Aromas. It is based on traditional Chinese philosophy and is specifically catered for you by beginning with an aromatherapy experience.  There are five different oils that the client can experience and decide which oil is right for them. You can chose from Relax, Detox, Energize, Hydrate and Stimulate. There is no hand to skin touch as it begins. Pindas, Feathers and Stones are used to awaken the senses and enhance this luxurious ritual. You are left feeling relaxed before the treatment even begins.

The unique treatment I was treated to was The Mediterranean Candle Massage. The candle is soft setting and made out of shea butter. With three scents on offer (Lavender, Olive or Citrus) there is something for everyone. The candle has a low melting temperature and is warming and soothing. All of the tension was eased out of my back, neck and shoulders as my therapist worked her magic. Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth from the moisturizing shea butter candle. I left my treatment feeling pampered and relaxed. I will be booking for another massage as soon as possible. It was an experience I would highly recommend.

As well as the massage, there are also a variety of facials on offer addressing a variety of skin concerns including my old foe Ageing! You can add a booster to these facials such as Collagen Eye Booster or a Glycocure Renewing Peel which I love the sound of.

Afterwards you can browse a number of at home products and make any necessary purchases so you can continue to make your skin feel amazing between treatments. These are a few of my favourites.

Overall, I had a very relaxing time in Castlemartyr and thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of the Germaine De Capuccini skincare brand. It is something I will be treating myself to in the future and something I’d highly recommend to any of you looking to experience a bit of time out. I get asked all the time for spa recommendations and this is certainly one I would suggest you try for yourself.

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