Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Works

Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Works

An Introduction

Ageing is a huge concern for many of us women. I have a lot of skin ageing concerns and in January of this year I decided to start a skin care routine that would show some TLC to my ageing skin. Since turning 35, the fine lines have been creeping in around my eyes and my skin looked dull and dry. My skincare routine needed a major overhaul and so began my Anti Ageing skin care routine. Firstly I’d like to say that the products I am recommending here are what works for my skin. Your skin might be completely different to mine.

I’d suggest you go to a professional and have a skin consultation done. I’d also suggest asking for samples of whatever products they recommend. You don’t want to shell out a fortune on a bunch of products only to find that they don’t suit your skin! I started with a consult at Jen’s Beauty Rooms and began a trial of Nimue Skincare by way of their starter kit. A great way to try everything before committing. Below you will find all of the products included in my Anti Ageing Skincare Routine, what I think and how I use them.


First up I double cleanse. Now I was the worlds WORST person for cleansing my skin and it showed. Now I’m a changed woman and no longer sleep in my makeup! I begin by using the Cleanse Off Mitt by Jennifer Rock a.k.a. The Skin Nerd. I was on the fence about this product untill I gave it a second go and now I’m in love with it. It takes off most of my make up and is easy to wash clean after. It’s €5.95 HERE.


Then I move onto my cleansing gel. I use the Nimue Cleansing Gel and let me tell you, this leaves no scrap of make up behind. Using both of these my skin is squeaky clean. I’ve been getting less spots and congestion as a result. Nimue is a salon only brand but you can read more about it HERE.

On days when I’m not wearing much makeup or first thing in the morning I like to use a cream cleasnser and the one I’ve been loving lately is the Avene Anti Redness Dermo Cleansing Milk. Now I was given all of the Avene products mentioned in this post to try but I will be repurchasing them all. This skincare brand is results driven with lots of research and trials conducted to perfect the products. The Irish brand ambassadors are a pharmacist and a clinical nurse specialist in dermatology who firmly stand behind the brand. This cleanser has Ruscus Extract that helps improve micro circulation and improve appearance of small veins. Sold! You can buy it HERE for €19.

When I use a cream cleanser I love to use a spray of Le Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water as my ‘toner’. Avoid anything harsher as most toners will strip your skin. A spray of this helps remove the last trace of cream cleanser and freshens up my skin. Its on special off in Sam McCauleys at the moment for €6 and you can buy it HERE.

Skin Boosters

Then we are moving onto my skin boosters! These are serums I use under my moisturizer for extra help! In the morning I use a vitamin C serum from Skin Solve. This smells so good and is really brightening in the morning. It helps brighten skin and fade age spots. I got mine in TKMaxx and you can buy online for £7.99 HERE.

At night I use the Nimue Stemplex Serum. I love this product. It was gifted to me to try but I will probably repurchase. It has really prevented new wrinkles from forming and I feel like I’m really helping my skin when I use it. You should watch my Youtube Video on my whole routine for further thoughts about treating wrinkles! This enhances skin tone and protects the skins stem cells. Read more about it HERE.

Eye cream is an essential step for any Anti Ageing skin care routine. I discuss this in my Youtube video and give the tips I’ve learned along the way. I use the Nimue Anti Ageing Eye Serum and I really love this product. It’s light, easily absorbed and has made a real difference to my eye area! It smooths and softens skin and improves defense against UV.


For day cream I use the Nimue Day Plus. I love this moisturizer and when my trail sized was finished I purchased the full size myself. At night i use the Avene Physio Lift night balm. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and my skin adores it. It detoxifies and replumps the skin. It’s usually €35 but on special offer HERE right now for €26.95.

I have one product that I swear immediately makes a huge difference to any of my wrinkles and that is the Avene Deep Wrinkle Filler. Again, if you watch my video you will see what I really think of treating wrinkles but I really feel this makes a visible difference to how they look. It’s £39.99 HERE.

At Home Treatments

We can’t talk about skin care without mentioning at home treatments. There are four that I have been using over the past month that my skin adores. Firstly lets talk exfoliation! Please stop whatever you are doing about bin those harsh, grainy scrubs. I’ve been guilty of using these over the years and my skin has suffered as a result. Switch to an enzyme based exfoliation for skin happiness. I have been using the Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme and its fab! Read about it HERE.


For masks, I have two current favourites. I was lucky enough to attend the launch of these products a few weeks ago in Dublin and have been obsessed with them ever since. They are the first products I’ve tried from the Image range and I’m hungry for more. First up is the Image Skincare Overnight Retinol Mask which claims to increase firmness, release radiance and lock in nutrients while you sleep. It does! My skin feels amazing in the morning after I’ve used this. I have only been using samples of this but I am definitely purchasing a full size product. Image is another in salon brand but you can read about this product HERE.


For an on the spot boost, the Image Biomolecular Anti Ageing Sheet Mask is amazing. It leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Its not gloopy like other sheet masks and it immediately made my skin feel and look glowing. This is another product on my repurchase list. You can read about it HERE.


Finally I come to my favourite product of them all. The Ormedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex. This is a wonder product. It is a sheer pink gel that not only moisturizes my lips but also plumps them up. My friend (who works in aesthetics) actually asked if I had had my lips enhanced. It is that good! My lips feel smoother, the contours more even and can handle matte lipsticks a lot better than before. I have understood this to be a limited edition product but I am BEGGING for it to be made permanent. Read about it HERE.

So there you have it. My must have products for Anti Ageing Skincare. These are the products I have been loving over the past three months. I will be offering skincare updates on a regular basis as I have a few new products waiting to be tested out. As always you can ask me any questions on any of the social media channels linked above. You can view my YouTube video on this skincare routine HERE.

Louise x



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