Lycon Pedicure 

Lycon Pedicure 

A pedicure is a new addition to my beauty regime. I always thought I did an amazing job at painting my own toe nails.. untill a professional did them! After my first pedicure I marvelled at how my once hoof like feet actually looked pretty. The polish lasted for a few weeks without chipping and the nails were neat and even. As a nurse I spent so long standing on my feet, they are always sore, swollen and tired. They never looked pretty. Now that we are coming into the summer months, we all want our feet looking sandal ready! Right? Off to City Wax I went to have my toes transformed. 


So why should you have a pedicure? Besides the relaxation and pampering element of this treat, a regular pedicure can prevent problems with your feet down the line. When you think of how much you use your feet for, they shouldn’t really be as neglected as they usually are. 

My pedicure began with a File and soak. My nails were clipped and filed straight across. This is important as it prevents ingrown toe nails. As a nurse who has seen ingrown toe nails removed, you want to avoid this!! 

Next up came the glamorous Callous removal. Lycon’ callous removal solution was applied to any rough areas, using Pottasium Hydroxide to soften the rough skin to make rasping easier.  Here at City Wax they Rasp off any callous instead of using a blade as a blade removal encourages the callous to grow back thicker which can cause more problems down the line. 

Following my callous removal my feet were treated to a thorough scrub. The Lycon scrub is a sugar scrub and smells so refreshing. The grains are gentle enough not to hurt but sturdy enough to make you feel like you are having a good scrub! 

I was then treated to a moisturising mask to add all of the moisture back into my skin after the callous removal. Heated booties were placed on my feet to help the mask penetrate more deeply. 

Then came my favourite part. The foot massage! There is nothing better than a foot massage and this was heaven. 

Then I chose my favourite shade of red OPI polish and I was good to go! I’d highly recommend City Wax for a pedicure. My feet feel amazing afterwards. For prices and to book online visit CITY WAX

Louise x 


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