Your Best Fake Tan Ever

Your Best Fake Tan Ever

It’s Tanning Thursday and today’s post is all about self tanning. Thursday is the day of the week when the majority of us women are likely to bronze up for the weekend ahead. A good self tan can let’s face it, make you or break you!!! Over the years I have been various shades of orange. From Oompalompa to Donald Trump. Luckily self tanners have evolved over the years and there is no need for us to suffer. I have finally found a routine that works for me and keeps me from the tangoed look. I have been really enjoying using Bellmianta self tanner and The Body Shop products lately.  I’m fair skinned, freckled and never get a natural tan. After years of working with patients that had various skin cancers removed, I am 100% anti sun bathing and sunbeds. Slip, Slop, Slap!! Slip on a T-Shirt, Slop on the sun cream and Slap on a hat. Outside of the cancer risks you will risk premature aging. Wrinkles are hard enough to beat without adding sun damage to the equation. No body wants a face like a fine leather handbag!! So now, lecture over, lets get on with the tan!

Prepping the skin is super important. You want a nice smooth, even base to start with. Liken it to applying foundation to your face. If your skin is dry and flaky, your foundation will look awful. Same goes for self tanning. My prep begins the night before in the shower or bath. I use a moisturizing shower cream like The Body Shop Coconut Shower Gel. This is my current go to. I couldn’t find it in stock on the website but the Honey and Almond is similar. It’s 8.95 Here.

I then use the Bellamianta Exfoliating Mitt to buff my skin. This mitt removes every trace of any previous tan and smooths out all of my rough patches e.g knees, elbows, feet and the tops of my arms. You can buy it here.

After finishing in the shower and drying off I apply a layer of The Body Shop Body Butter. I have been flying though these for the past few months. The Body Shop was a brand I’ve loved since my teenage years. Anyone remember Dewberry??? Showing my age now! The body butters are amazing. I’m currently using the Mango one and it smells so so good. It’s 20.95 and you can buy it here. Anyway, I layer on the butter all over and apply an extra layer to my elbows, knees, hands and feet. I leave it so soak in over night at least.

Then without showering again I apply my tan. The butter acts like a primer for the skin and the tan just glides on. I use the Bellamianta Self Tanning Lotion ( 19.99 here) It is my current favourite for a reliable golden olive tan. I find you must apply it with the Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Mitt (9.99 here). It is the softest applicator I’ve ever used and ensures my tan goes on evenly. I use a make up brush to apply the tan to my hands and feet and really buff it in. Then I moisturize my hands immediately after with a light hand cream. Bellamianta dries quickly and develops over 2-6 hours.

You can shower it off after 4 hours but as it goes on with an instant colour, I often wear it straight out of the house. It lasts so well and wears off evenly. I showed this on my snapchat (Fitfashionmom) recently when I was on day 6 post application. To maintain the tan, moisturize daily with the body butter and you will have the tan of your life!!

What tan do you love? Is there a tan you would like to see me use next?

Louise x


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