Primark Master Contour Palette

When Primark released an 8 euro Master Contour Palette I was dubious as to how good it would really be. I mean you get what you pay for, right? I’ve been a slave to my Hoola Bronzer by Benefit or my So Sue Contour Palette for all of my contouring needs. I have a round face with no jaw definition. I need a contour. Essential.

I threw the palette into my basket on one of my weekly Primark browses out of curiosity. If it was rubbish then what was 8 euro between friends. Primark and I are friends you see. I keep the Wilton branch in business, they keep me clothed. Mutual beneficial relationship. My husband won’t agree but ssshhhh. I brought the palette home and started swatching.

The palette has 6 pots in total containing cream foundation, setting powder and a highlight. On first impressions, the powders have a little kick back but are pigmented and easy to blend. The creams are very pigmented so a small amount goes along way and the highlight has a beautiful glow to it without any glitter chunks. So far so good.

How does it apply to the face? I used the palette last weekend to attend an event and I was very pleased with how the contour blended onto my face. It lasted well throughout the day and looked natural. Well as natural as you can look when you have contoured your cheekbones!!!

When compared directly to the So Sue Palette, there isn’t a huge amount of difference. Especially with the setting powders and highlight. It’s €8 vs €30. I know which one I’d buy again having bought both! 

Overall I would say grab this palette if you see it. It is a very good dupe for the So Sue Palette and at a fraction of the price. It is practically identical. The price tag makes it perfect for those of you wanting to practice your contouring skills without wasting money. I used the Primark toothbrush brushes to apply my creams and highlight and their small flat topped buffing brush to blend. Match made in heaven!!

ps.. I cant testify to how well the creams work as foundation, as I only ever use these palettes to contour.


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