Brunch In Liberty Grill Cork

Liberty Grill is a great spot in Cork for a bit of brunch. They do lunch and dinner too but it’s the brunch i’m after! In reality it’s the French Toast. And the cava. French Toast and cava. This sounds like winning yes? Yes!

We hadn’t been in to eat since our engagement weekend so we ventured back as husband and wife on a rare Friday morning off together. It did not disappoint!

I had Crab Cakes with poached eggs. Now let me tell you how I feel about eggs of the poached variety. There is both love and hate. Firstly I can never make them myself. Ever. They either fall apart in the pot or I spend 10 minutes agonisingly wrapping them in cling film parcels. Neither one is satisfactory. Then you have the problem of ordering them in an eatery and the yolk is hard. Did I ask for a hard boiled egg? No! The eggs in Liberty Grill are perfect every time. Perfect little ball of white hiding a runny yolk. Hallelujah.

I usually have them in toasted sour dough but feeling adventurous and loving fish cakes lately (did you try my recipe here?), I ordered the crab cakes. They were delicious. Full of flavour without being heavy or greasy. I had a side of Rosemary roast potatoes. Yum!

Then comes the best bit. The French Toast. Light and sweet and generous. Adorned with real maple syrup. I could live on it.


What did I wash it down with? A Ruby Duchess. Cava mixed with pomegranate juice. The perfect accompaniment to a lazy brunch date.



On previous occasions I have had the Burger and the pancakes. I could advise both as being pretty tasty options. In fact I have yet to find something on the menu that didn’t float my boat. You can reserve a table but otherwise just join the queue and wait for a table. The line can be long at busy times but it’s worth it. Prices are reasonable and staff are friendly and helpful. What more could you want?

Louise x


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